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How I Created Harmony At Home

Oliver Levy
Parenting Consultant

I have 3 children (26 year old young man, 12 year old boy and my 9 year old princess) I've been there, in the same shoes as parents who struggle with temper tantrums, kids not listening, whining, sibling fighting, morning struggles, teens issues and way more.  This is the catalyst for developing Mindful Parenting ToolKit, it was my own realization that I had turned into the “Yelling Monster” that I swore I would never be. I became determined to find a better way. A healthier, happier means of raising successful kids without loosing my cool. 

I immersed myself in the study and principles of Adlerian Psychology and what I learned was MIND blowing, life-changing, Family changing, game changer and just flat out POWERFUL!

As I put these tools to work in my own family, I was amazed at how quickly they created a positive impact on myself, my children, my marriage, and our home. What I knew, however, from my experience working in the community and coaching youth soccer and basketball, was that parents needed an easy-to-understand process and actionable steps so they can feel composed and confident guiding their children to greater achievements without the additioal headache. This is where I knew I could make a difference. 


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